Jenn Lessmann is the author of three stories published on Amazon’s Kindle Vella, two unpublished novels, and a blog that tests Pinterest hacks in the real world (where supplies are sometimes limited, and all projects are overseen by children with digital attention spans).

A former barista, stage manager, and high school English teacher with advanced degrees from impressive colleges, she continues to drink excessive amounts of caffeine, stay up later than is absolutely necessary, and read three or four books at a time. She loves lists and the rule of three. Irony too.

Jenn is currently studying witchcraft and the craft of writing, and giggling internally whenever they intersect. She writes snarky paranormal fantasy for new adults whenever her dog will allow it.

Other Hobbies:
  • Reading
  • Drinking chai
  • Learning about anything that might be useful in my next book (from alchemy to zombies)
  • Trying to teach Poe that she’s not a lap dog, her enemies don’t ring doorbells, and squirrels may be taunting her, but she’s unlikely to ever catch one.

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