New Series: Cate Corey’s Unmagical Life.

Practical Magic meets Veronica Mars in this mysterious contemporary fantasy.

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Novelized from the Kindle Vella series:
Cate the Cursed

In Queen’s Creek, you’re either born with the Gift, or you work at it until you hone your Craft. 

Cate’s never had much luck with either.

Three years ago, Cate Corey left home and magic behind. Now, she’s a stressed college student and an underpaid barista. 

It’s a blessedly normal life. One where she finally feels like she belongs. 

The Gate that hides her magical hometown from the rest of the world will close to her on her 21st birthday. Soon Cate will have to choose between returning home to her family of gifted witches, or making her mundane life permanent. She’s almost made peace with her decision when her twin brother arrives with unexpected news. Their father has disappeared, and the family wants them both to come home early.

In a town hidden by illusions and protected by centuries of spells, it’s up to Cate to uncover the truth – and her own missing Gift might be the only clue. She’ll have to go back if she wants answers, but going home now might mean giving up her normal life. 

For good.


I am obsessed with the characters and the story. It is well written and full of mystery. Can’t wait to read the next episodes!

– Cristina A.


Jenn Lessmann writes paranormal fantasy novels set in realistic contemporary worlds.

I’m a new author, former barista, scenic artist, and teacher, but I can still mix a strong brew, set the stage for drama, and teach you a lesson if you need it.


The Devil in the Details

“My mother sold my soul for a latte.”

Natalia Meriwell is having a hell of a day. A twenty-five-year-old deal is about to come due. Her only shot at breaking the contract is a marriage of convenience with her demonic boss. Which might not be so bad, except that she’s met someone else.

What’s a witch to do when both her heart and soul are on the line?


America’s oldest colleges are home to some not-so-secret societies. When six freshmen are tapped to join one that specializes in the supernatural, it’s up to them to protect their classmates from the things that go bump in the night.

Can they keep everyone safe while watching their grades, avoiding the freshman fifteen, and competing with rivals who don’t even know they exist? Who’ll know if they fail?

*All hauntings are based on documented experiences.

Copyright Jenn Lessmann | All Rights Reserved