Welcome to Cate Corey’s Unmagical Life.

Coming Soon, novelized from the Kindle Vella series: Cate the Cursed

When the source of their power becomes unstable, the magical community must depend on the only witch who grew up without it.

In Cate’s world, there are two ways to access magic: you are born with the Gift, or you work to hone your Craft. She’s never had much success with either.

Three years ago, Cate left her magical hometown to pursue a mundane college degree.

Now, her pursuit of a normal life might mean choosing between family and freedom.


I am obsessed with the characters and the story. It is well written and full of mystery. Can’t wait to read the next episodes!

– Cristina A.


Whether you were blessed with the Gift, spent years developing your Craft, or have just started your journey, it’s time to claim your power. Come out of the broom closet. Your magic is out there, how will you direct it?


The Devil in the Details

Natalia Meriwell’s family have racked up debts she’s not prepared to pay.

“My mother sold my soul for a latte.”

Her boss might not be a lord of Hell (yet), but marrying the heir to a powerful clan of witches (and turning her to the Dark) might get him that promotion.

A marriage of convenience could work for both of them, but can Natalia resist the Darkness long enough to win back her soul?

When you marry a demon, the devil’s in the details.


America’s oldest colleges are home to some not-so-secret societies. When six freshmen are tapped to join one that specializes in the supernatural, it’s up to them to protect their classmates from the things that go bump in the night.

Can they keep everyone safe while watching their grades, avoiding the freshman fifteen, and competing with rivals who don’t even know they exist? Who’ll know if they fail?

All hauntings are based on documented experiences.


Jenn Lessmann writes paranormal fantasy novels set in realistic contemporary worlds.

I’m a new author, former barista, scenic artist, and teacher, but I can still mix a strong brew, set the stage for drama, and teach you a lesson if you need it.