Full Disclosure…

Affiliate Disclaimer

Some of the links in my blog are for affiliate partnerships. This means that if you click through, and you like what you see there, and you buy that affiliate product or service, I get paid. This is kind of awesome because it means you get to try something that you will (hopefully, probably) love, and I get some cash for the effort I put into finding and sharing all these cool things.

If there is a link to an affiliate on my blog, you can be certain that I have used the product myself and I liked it enough to recommend it to my closest friends. We aren’t friends yet, but maybe we will be someday, and I would hate for one of my friends to talk to one of my other friends and express disappointment or frustration because they were let down by something on my blog.

You should also know that a lot of the links on my blog are not affiliates, and I don’t actually get any compensation for sharing them. But when I find something cool, that I think my friends would like, I’m going to put it out there anyway. Sometimes these are other blogs. Sometimes these are useful articles. Sometimes these are even products or services that I liked, but haven’t built a professional relationship with.

Here’s a list of the affiliates I’m working with now: