Getting set up for the week.

I imagine my crystals were charged under the full moon last night (even though I couldn’t see it in sky… not sure what that was about. Beautiful, clear sky full of stars, no moon in sight.) So, today I set new intentions with them and rest my grid.

I pulled a general spread to forecast the week. It’s a little contradictory… beginnings and endings, heart and mind. I’m trying to work on interpreting them by intuition, without having to look everything up. So, I took some notes, and before I put them away I pulled out my Tarotorial deck to check my answers. I’ve shuffled this deck a few times, but having done much work with it. Before I started digging through to find the matches for my Everyday Tarot pull, I asked the Tarotorial deck to help me out. “Give me the cards I need to help me understand this spread.”

Perseverance, Diligence, Persistance

Thanks for the support, cards.

So I went back and looked at the cards again, to see what I could pull from the images. Then, I flipped through the Tarotorial deck again. This time, the matching cards came right up.

10 of Cups is all about counting my blessings, and I have to say, we had a pretty good family Easter celebration yesterday. Some of the kids’ reactions during their egg hunt were core memories for sure.

I appreciate the Breakthrough keyword for the Ace of Swords because I don’t feel like I’m starting anything new, so much as I have been restarting, refocusing, and trying to improve my mindset for positivity and productivity. I did get back on my new schedule last week, including exercising in the morning five times and completing some writing sprints. It was a struggle. I’m out of shape both physically and mentally from lack of practice. I need to build up endurance (in every sense). Maybe this week is the week I find my groove.

Have to admit, I’m a little unnerved by that 10 of Swords, since I’m not currently feeling betrayed. It is in the future position if I were doing a Past/Present/Future spread, so I guess we’ll see what the week has going. It might just be the completion of an intellectual pursuit. Maybe I’ll finally finish my WIP (LOL), or give up on Vella (stronger possibility). I’m going to focus on the image for this one. My first instinct was that that is a rising sun. So, whatever end is coming, so is the new day.

Nothing happens unless you make it, though. Back to work.

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