What I’m Learning…

Ok, so it’s not really reading.

I haven’t been able to get back on track with my nonfiction yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not learning!

This week, both Mark Dawson and Bryan Cohen are doing ad challenges to teach indie authors about specific marketing opportunities.

Both have associated Facebook groups for sharing progress, completing homework, and asking questions.

Mark’s Facebook Ads Expedition comes in ten-minute bites that walk you through the process of setting up Facebook ads step-by-step. It’s easy to follow and super accessible. No surprise. After all, this is the guy who has a Self Publishing Formula, and gives away his author advice books for free. The first two videos tell you how to set up an author page and a business account, which I’ve already done, so I’m looking forward to the next video. I’m considering testing the process on my Vella.

Bryan’s challenge is a bit more involved – videos are almost an hour long, and there is 30-ish minutes of work to do afterwards.

Unfortunately, Amazon is not currently allowing Vella authors to create ads for their stories, so I’m mostly filing away the info from this one for later. Bryan has very helpfully provided detailed notes under each video, and I’ve been able to copy and paste those into a google doc for reference when I have a book out.

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