Progress Check

Y’all. Y’all. You All. I have one scene left to finish the shitty first act of the sucky first draft of Cate 2.

Yes, I did just make up another milestone. But my word count has a downward trend over the course of a week, so I’m doing what has to be done to hype myself up to write another 1000 or so words, even though I barely wrote 300 yesterday.

Currently, act 1 is 48 pages, 14,934 words. (Not all of them were written this week, obvs.) The Goal is to finish half the manuscript by the end of the month, theoretically around 45,000 words… so… 10,000 words a week.

Seems unlikely, but it’s definitely not going to happen if I sit around staring at the word count instead of putting words on a page, so….

Here we go.

This manuscript is not the book.
Not building a masterpiece here, just making the bricks. #drafting

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