Tarot Tuesday

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been working on a book series in which a magical tarot card features pretty heavily. Being fairly new to tarot (although I’ve read a lot of books about witches, witchcraft, and fortune-telling), I’ve started using three card spreads to help guide character motivations and sticky plot situations. Some of them have ended up in the manuscript, as Cate is also looking for guidance.

My new plan is to take it one step further. In order to really get to know the cards, I’m going to use them everyday. Sometimes I’ll just pull one card, sometimes I’ll try different spreads. Hopefully, practicing will improve my craft, both in familiarity with the cards, and in my ability to interpret them. This, in turn will improve the craft of my writing, as the characters become more authentic.

I’m not going to post about every card I pull, but I’ve always been a sucker for alliteration, so welcome to the inaugural Tarot Tuesday.

Today I’m using The Everyday Tarot from Biddy Tarot.

Today’s 3-card Spread

What is my biggest challenge right now?

8 of pentacles tells me I’m building towards mastery… it is definitely frustrating to be back to apprenticeship, starting over everyday. But needing further study and practice is a good challenge to have 😁

How have I been facing this challenge?

Knight of cups. I’m moving forward creatively, exploring big ideas, but taking my time.

What should I be doing to face this challenge?

Seven of pentacles. Look at the big picture, assess my progress…

So today we are going to take a minute to check in, but then we’re going to get back to work because patience only pays off if we put in the practice. The process is the progress.

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