Tarot Tuesday

I’ve been feeling a little down on my writer-self lately because I haven’t written as much as I wanted to, and the cover design I’m working on didn’t get the response I expected. Obviously, it’s normal to feel this way, and it makes sense that my work needs… work. I’m new at this after all.

But it’s still frustrating, and lack of progress, even if it’s only perceived lack of progress, sometimes gives me melodramatic emotions. So before I rage quit on myself, I went to the cards. I don’t know why, but the Rider-Waite deck called to me. I guess it’s just not an Everyday Tarot kind of problem.

A card fell out while I was shuffling, and I could have had my answer right there, but I wanted a look at the whole situation, so I pulled three cards. First thought: wow, that’s a lot of Queens and Swords.

Five of swords is about conflict, picking your battles… but it’s also about not seeing others as competitors. Stop comparing where you are to where they are. Learn from your mistakes.

The Queen of Swords is determined, intellectual, and resilient. She makes judgements without relying on emotion. Take constructive criticism.

The Justice card usually means we get what we deserve, so… work for it and earn it.

The Queen of Wands is your bestie, she stands by you, offering optimism and support. She’s confident and probably more social than I feel, but it might be time to network. This is the card that fell out when I was shuffling, so she was anxious to be heard.

Coincidentally, the only clear space on my desk right now is next to the coaster that came in my first Scribbler box.

“Keep going,” indeed.

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