Tarot Twos-day!

I promise I meant to get more posts done last week. The good news is, after I got the message from that reading that I should “keep going,” I did. I read two comparable novels and added over 2,000 words to my WIP. It’s not nearly enough, but it’s more than I had been doing during that slug-slump I was having.

Today I willed myself into a better energy in support of my son’s school’s Twos-day activities. I looked up some information numerology (most of which confirmed my existing knowledge, but being as it’s all about harmony and unity, confirmation is a support I’ll accept). I spent some time thinking about text analysis and the apparent conflict between authorial intent and reader interpretation. Then I gave a well-received lecture (in my head) to the my pre-pandemic AP Lit students (also in my head), expanding on the value of critical lenses, multiple interpretations, all roads lead to the mountain, etc… I had a deep spiritual moment while driving my five-year-old on an errand and listening to an audio of The Monster at the End of This Book, by Jon Stone.

So naturally, when I got home I took out my Witches’ Wisdom cards.

Then I had to go back and review some things because I forgot how this deck aligns with the traditional ones. (Oops)

So, the Earth cards are coins, or pentacles, which makes sense because they are all about material things. Fives are always bad. This poor rabbit is feeling my pain over the financial disappointment that is Kindle Vella bonuses. I had more reads last month than I’ve had in a while, and the bonus was better than my last one (for which I honestly did exactly nothing), but the raise didn’t quite make sense with the proportional increase in readership.

Luckily the Messenger of Water is the equivalent of the Page of Cups, who is all about the bright side. This card is influenced by the Twos-day attitude – she’s moving between worlds.

Ten of Water is another card that’s all about harmony and contentment, agreement, family, teamwork… more twos.

Nine of Water: more good news! Wishes coming true. Whatever you put out into the universe… and so on.

And then the Strength card, which is all about overcoming challenges and taking control of yourself and your destiny.

Then, just so I could make absolutely sure that I was getting the reading I needed, the universe sent me this awesome deck:

Ok, the universe didn’t send it. The Etsy shop did. But it could have arrived any day between 2/19 and 2/24. I choose two believe it’s a Twos-day miracle and not just the fact that there’s no mail on Sundays and Monday was a national holiday.

This deck is awesome. The packaging is beautiful. And I very much did take it with me to study in the car while waiting for my kid.

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