Tarot Tuesday

So, not gonna lie, first impression was “Swords!?! Ack! Not good!”

Then, you know, I actually looked it at it some more. They’re counting down, which means the worst is behind me. (Literally behind me in the case of the 10).

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my youngest to be old enough to be vaccinated. I had convinced myself that that was the last thing we needed to do to feel safe.

He got his second vaccine last weekend. (Yay!)

I was excited, but also worried. I hesitated on our plan to send him back to school (maybe we should wait two more weeks?). I’m still nervous about it.

Then I read an article that says there was a study in NY that says the little kid vaccine is only 12% effective against omicron. So, yes, I feel a little betrayed. (I’m going to withhold actual judgement and decision making until it’s been peer-reviewed, but still… WTF Science? WTF news sources? Why tell me this now?).

Which explains the nightmares and anxiety of the 9, I think. (It could also be reminding me that I let a fictional medical examiner quoting Mr. Rogers make me cry…)

All of this adds up fairly logically to the 8 of Swords. Of course I’m over-thinking things. That’s practically my greatest skill.

It’s time to let it go.

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