Why I didn’t post anything yesterday…

Or, you know, last week. At all.

I wish I could say that I was writing all day and was so super focused and productive that I never touched my phone.

I wish I could say that I was working on some fun decor project for my Etsy shop or planning out a new post for my blog.

The reality is, well, reality is a thing. And there are four people in this house who all want to go around wearing clothes that don’t stink.

Oh, and I also spent an hour outside yesterday (because it was “such a beautiful day” that the recurring line from Grumpy Monkey kept running through my head), pulling up weeds that think they are strong enough to complete with the mint that has been both slowly invading my rose bushes and strangling a boxwood. I’m not sure whether I am deeply afraid or impressed by the self-confidence of this weed, but joke’s on it because I’m pretty sure I pulled it all out (unlike the mint, whose roots apparently go deep into the Earth’s crust).

Not for nothing, but last week was also my son’s 8th birthday, and we decided that we are comfortable, (as a family of fully vaccinated people, who have been more conservative about our approach to socialization during a pandemic than people who are, perhaps, more used to using Conservative as a label would do) with finally having a small in-person celebration at our house. Which was awesome, and heartwarming, and joyful, and also just a lot of work. I’m tired y’all.

But tired and happy is a good place to be, so I’ll take it. Not that I have a choice.

Maybe I need to read Grumpy Monkey again.

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