I got back from our Spring Break (#Woohoo!!!) trip yesterday, and jumped into today like that #girlonfire (and not just because my tarot draw for today was the Seven of Wands).

Vacation was more stressful than relaxing at times (they always are – new place, lots of unknowns, of course the kids get sick, of course there is #weather to deal with), but I read two books, walked on the beach, and spent some #qualitytime.

I made a plan before we left that I was going to hit restart (again… I know) when we got back. So, I dutifully carried through, set that alarm clock, and hit the ground running. In the interest of doing what I know works for me, I started the day with some exercise (#30DayShred is on Amazon Prime now, so even though I no longer have a dvd player, I can still go back to those old workouts). I hate getting up early. I hate exercise. I hate Jillian Michaels (j/k, but fr/fr I hate her while she’s making me kick my own ass). But I know, and you do, too, that endorphins are a thing, and getting exercise is good for me, blah blah blah.

Then I went to the schedule (the ridiculous, probably impossible, definitely overzealous schedule) that I typed up before vacation. Pre-vacay me had some very big goals. Started out well, got the kids to school, set up some laundry to run, walked the dog, fleshed out my week in my planner, did a daily draw for tarot, organized meal plans for the week. Realized that today is supposed to be the first day for the #EtsyStrike, so I went in and put my shop back on Vacation Mode (oh, the irony), and posted about it on all of my socials. Here’s where I explained it on that other blog. Then realized I was already 30-ish minutes behind and had missed my first writing sprint. Also, I was hungry because it was lunch time. Can’t write on an empty stomach, right? Righht???

Luckily, the schedule says my third sprint is meant to happen, oh… now, and afterwards I actually scheduled in time for the blog… which is already done. So, I may still get that word count up, even though I’m doing things in not-the-order-I-intended. And there is some built in make-up time when I take the kid to his after-school activity if I write on my phone instead of scrolling. #fingerscrossed.

No, but for real. I’m going to go write. Now. Like, right now. After I fold the… no. Now. Ok, bye.

Edit: Today’s word count = 510

That’s about 1/3 of where I want to be, but I did get in 3 sprints, finish the laundry, buy groceries, update both blogs, and take care of my Etsy shop today, so… got to start somewhere. Eventually I want to be pulling 2000 words/day, but I think this week any words > no words. Baby steps. (Which is uuugggh, so frustrating! But also, progress is progress. Keep moving forward.)

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