New Cards! (Also Plants, and Books… Millions of Books…)

I went into Books-a-Million for the first time in forever 🎶

Got some more #research in the form of a classic magical novel, a book on being a writer (as opposed to a book on how to write), and a book on modern witchcraft practices.

The big win was seeing these cards in person.

The #illuminatedplayingcards box has two decks of playing cards, one designed around the sun, one designed around the moon. The instructions tell you how to play regular games (like Go Fish), as well as how to do a reading. Since they are playing cards, you don’t get the major arcana, but all of the minor arcana are represented. I’ve been looking at how closeted modern (and historical) witches would use regular cards (it’s going to come into play in one of the Cate sequels), so this is a cool overlap, and they are so pretty.

And then I decided I needed more color in my life, (and I needed some stuff from the grocery store), so in between finding cucumbers and allergy meds, I picked out some new plant friends.

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