Illuminated Playing Cards: 1st Draw

I’m just starting with these new cards, so it’s not hugely surprising that I pulled a bunch of the same suit (needs more shuffling). That said, the clubs are aligned with wands, which are the spirit/creativity cards, and I’m trying to make up for the lack of progress on my WIP today, so… there might be something there. The Jack of Hearts fell out, and again, my shuffling probably needs work because I am forever dropping an extra card, but this was a fun one to try and puzzle out. Playing cards don’t have a full court – Jack, Queen, King – so either there are no Pages, or the Jack is indicative of both a Page and a Knight… or one or the other depending on the reading maybe? Luckily #caitlinkeegan has provided some keywords for guidance. In this case “unconscious thoughts coming to the surface.” Feels kind of Page-y to me, since pages bring messages and the Page of Cups (which associated with Hearts) is all about intuition.

The number cards’ keywords are pretty close to my notes from other decks, with the exception that the 9 of Clubs is also labeled The Sun. Since the 9 of Wands usually indicates resilience and overcoming challenges, it makes sense to associate it with the optimism of The Sun. I also pulled these from the Sun deck, so there’s that.

Once again, the cards are telling me to get back to work and make stuff happen.

Three sprints done today! 737 words so far. Still not where I want to be, but better than Monday (510), and definitely better than yesterday (0). And the day’s not over yet! In the words of my Scribblers’ coaster, it’s time to:

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