Tarot Tuesday

I like to shuffle with my eyes closed. Otherwise I might subconsciously manipulate the draw when I see certain cards go by. This might be why cards fall out on me so often… Today I felt a card flip, but I let it fall that way and kept going.

Knight of Cups. Got me thinking about romance, making anniversary plans.

There were more Cups when I drew the spread. Is this a message about love or creativity? Maybe both. And for some reason the Hermit was hiding out behind the Ace. This is the second Ace this week. Time to start something.

These are powerful cards for motivation. The 5 of Pentacles is calling me out. Any lack of progress is down to my own self-sabotage.

There is definitely some kind of connection between the isolation of the Hermit and the 5 of Pentacles. There’s a certain amount of do-it-yourself messaging, combined with the find-your-people Cups. The cards have been pushing me to build relationships for a few weeks. Maybe getting more active with my writing group will be that motivating factor that I need.

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