Upstairs, Downstairs

When you have trouble keeping track of the book you’re reading, so you start another one, and now you have an Upstairs Book and a Downstairs Book. (Just me?)

Remember Me is a particularly ironic choice for this because it came to the beach with me and never got out of the suitcase. When I finished the first two books I brought, I read a book from the rental house’s library, and only remembered that I had Remember Me in the suitcase as I was packing up to come home. Now I’m reading it at bedtime and keeping it on the nightstand so I don’t forget. (Also, it’s a book about a girl with amnesia, so…)

Practical Magic is getting a turn at travel. As the Downstairs Book it is at hand when I go to the car, so it rides along for parent pick up and other after school events.

Full disclosure, usually I’m also reading an audiobook and an ebook (either on my Nook or my Kindle app), but lately I’ve been exploring podcasts. I suppose I could have gone to articles or short stories, but I’m enjoying hearing a lot of different voices in my head. (Ha!)

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