Tarot Tuesday

This week I decided to try out a spread I saw on Instagram. I pulled these cards yesterday (#northernlightstarot)

Vibes for the week to come:

The first card I drew (Vibes of the week) was the King of Pentacles. That’s a pretty straight forward message for success, confidence, fulfillment of a project. So, I have hope for my weekly goals.

The card I pulled for “Keep your eye on…” is the Wheel of Fortune, which also showed up in some spreads last week. This can be a turning point, or some other change, or it can be a reminder of karma. Keep trusting intuition, and putting out into the world what you want to get out of it. growth mindset, etc…

The card I should “Act on now” is Justice. If I’m watching for change, and keeping an eye on karma, I should also be remembering I should be ready to accept the consequences of my actions, and act with fairness and truth in mind. This is pretty general, so I’ll have to pay attention to see how this plays out this week.

My “Hidden Opportunity” card is the Six of Swords, which is…. interesting. On the surface, it’s kind of a negative card, but it’s all about transition and leaving baggage behind. Moving into the unknown. All of which makes pretty good sense during the waning moon, when witches are generally “letting go of what no longer serves”. But. It’s also the card that I used in my first attempts at cover designs for my WIP, so is this card representing Cate the Cursed?? Hmmm.

If the Six of Swords as an opportunity was a strange fit, this last one… well. I pulled the Five of Swords in a space labeled “Make sure to enjoy.” I’m sorry, what? This card is all about conflict, and failure, and all the negative aspects of competition. The best things to come out of it are seeking forgiveness and learning from defeat. (Which is actually in conflict with the King of Pentacles being the overall Vibe of the Week).

Patterns here… I got a lot of swords and pentacles last week, so it looks like we’re still going to be spending time in the mind and body, emphasis on logic and material things. Both the Wheel of Fortune and Justice came up in my daily spread on Friday, so I maybe missed something in that message.

Today’s three card spread moved away from the swords (finally), into cups. The Ace is interesting because I pulled Aces several times last week (mostly Swords, but I did see the Ace of Cups last Tuesday). Lots of new beginnings. Both the Ace and the Ten of Cups indicate creativity, compassion, and harmony.

The Magician was actually the card I worked on last week for my Witchery 101 Tarot Study Guides. He’s all about manifestation, and using all of the tools that are available to you to make things happen. I’ve read some indications that he can be a trickster, leading you to the illusion of an easy solution, but I don’t see that here, since he’s surrounded by Cups. He seems like the link between the beginning (Ace) and completion (Ten). If you want to make progress, you have to put in the work and make it happen.

These seem to fit in pretty well with my Vibes for the Week, especially that King of Pentacles. They definitely feel like they are pointing towards success.

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