What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

This morning, I brewed a pot of coffee without any coffee in the filter. So. Water.

I did not realize I needed coffee so badly until it wasn’t there. I guess it’s a double-brew kind of day. Enjoy the second steam, water molecules!

You guys.

Is everybody ok? Cause I’m going to need call a Do Over on this day. frfr

I did the coffee thing this morning, but then I got the kids to school, I took the dog out on a field trip, came home, had lunch, updated my water app.

Then I was sitting down to decide whether to do a week overview spread, or a regular three card spread, or something different…. And I knocked over my whole glass of water. Well, half. I knocked over half of the water. I guess it’s still half-full?

We’re going to go with half-full, and here’s why: my desk mat absorbed most of the water; it didn’t spread very far, or drip on the floor. I had already moved my keyboard so that I would have space for the cards, so it didn’t get wet. The water spilled in front of my speaker and my mouse, so they didn’t get wet. My #everydaytarot deck from #biddytarot got a little wet, but for the most part, the water beaded off it. (I did go through and wipe each card to make sure, but only two cards look like they might have a little damage on the edges.) It soaked through the corner of my planner, but it was open, so the only writing that got smeared was last Monday, which I did an extensive blog post about, so it doesn’t matter if I can’t read it any more. The planner was on top of the book I’m reading, so the book didn’t get wet at all.

When I was going through the cards, the top two stuck together and fell off the deck (The Hermit and the Ace of Pentacles). Then, halfway through the deck, the Seven of Swords was randomly face up.

So. Jokes aside, people maybe need to stay away from me today. See that Hermit?! See him? He’s weirdly in conflict with an Ace of Pentacles, since the Hermit is usually above worldly things, and Pentacles are all about the $$$.

Both of those cards turned up last week.

I feel like the cards want me to pay attention to the Seven of Swords. If I hadn’t spilled the water, I might not have noticed that it had gotten flipped around (pretty sneaky move by a card that’s all about deception).

This week I’m going to be looking for hidden opportunities, and trying to face challenges openly and strategically.

With that in mind, here are the goals I set before the Great Flood:

Week 2 of goal-keeping accountability. This is going to be a challenge because somehow the calendar got a little stuffed this week. If things are important, somehow they get done though. Solutions, not excuses. So, here we go.

This week I will:

✅ Write at least two sprints per day

✅ Post a chapter for feedback

✅ Read and leave feedback on others’ chapters

✅ Finish the book I’m reading

✅ Maintain my blog

I’m also going to keep logging my water intake to remind me to drink it, but that seems more like a habit and less like a goal already. (LOL, oh, Me from an hour ago. If only you knew…)

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