Tarot Tuesday

I asked if I had resolved that seven of swords situation from yesterday, and got the Queen of Swords. I’m taking that as a yes, since she’s all about truth and logic. (Did you know sage is in the mint family? It fooled me!)

Today’s three-card spread is the Five of Pentacles, the Sun and the Knight of Pentacles.

I’m not sure what that five is doing in there, since the King of Pentacles ruled last week. It’s interesting in that position because yesterday had the Hermit there, and they are both loners. It might be reminding me of a past negative mindset, which is being overcome by my current Sunny disposition (even though it is super gray outside today). The Knight of Pentacles is a hard worker, sticking to the plans and making things happen. So, even though yesterday was kind of rough and chaotic, we can work through the challenges if we keep a positive/growth mindset.

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