Tarot Deck Review: Anima Mundi Tarot by Megan Wyreweden

*** I’ve linked to Amazon where possible because I’m an Amazon affiliate, but I’ve linked directly to the creators’ sites in previous posts about these decks, if you prefer. I am not affiliated with Tarotorial, Megan Wyreweden, or The Creeping Moon Etsy shops. I just love their work!

I‘ve been in love with this deck for a while, and it’s been sitting in my Etsy cart waiting for me to pull the trigger. I ordered last week from The Creeping Moon, and it arrived yesterday (a whole week early!). I don’t know why I waited so long. Megan Wyreweden is an amazing artist. These cards were originally hand painted, and the quality of the print is so good that you can see brushstrokes.

The cards are matte and have a little more texture to them than my other cards (the site describes it as a linen finish). After I went through and separated them all (because they’d been packed tightly), they stopped sticking together, and slide against each other pretty easily. The 2.75 x 4.75″ size is comfortable in my hands, much bigger than the mini Everyday Tarot deck I’ve been working with, or the Illuminated Playing Cards, only slightly bigger and thicker than my Raven’s Prophecy deck, and roughly equivalent in size and thickness to Tarotorial and my Borderless Smith-Waite. The designs are based on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, so it’s easy to get started associating these new images with their meanings.

The Six of Swords card and the Moon card really inspired some of the mood of my current WIP. The depth of the colors, light and shading are just beautifully atmospheric. I may have to buy some prints to hang up.

The whole deck is so, so pretty, including the shiny gold edging and the gorgeous design on the backs. I love how the different suits have common themes and settings. Most of the pentacles feature trees and earthy forest scenes. The swords are all birds and airy sky settings. The wands have firey stars, storms, and clouds with desert animals. The cups, of course, are water and ocean creatures. All of the animals are labeled with both their English and Latin names in the guidebook. The card descriptions are clear, direct, and relatable, and include keywords for both upright and reversed positions. The guidebook opens with a little bit of history and suggestions for how to do a reading, as well as a few spreads, but makes sure to note that there’s no wrong way to read them.

Even the details on the card box, including the suits symbols around the sides, are well-designed and high-quality.

(Also, the witchy message printed into the shipping box, and the fact that it’s made from recycled materials and encourages you to do the same just makes me smile).

Love it. Love all of it. Can’t wait to play.

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