Tarot Tuesday

This week I tried a spread from A Witch Alone.

1) This week’s lesson is the Seven of Pentacles – long-term value, perseverance. Not to be bratty, but the slow-and-steady messages are getting old.

2) This week’s obstacle is the Ten of Wands – an extra burden, more responsibility. So… the obstacle is obstacles.

3) This week’s opportunity is the Ace of Pentacles, which is literally the card for opportunity. <eye roll>

4) The Chariot is the thing in the shadows. Determination, will power, overcoming conflict. The thing in the shadows is about coming out of the shadows.

5) The Page of Pentacles is something to look out for. It’s opportunities again. Specifically looking out for opportunities related to personal goals and material elements.

Today’s spread:

Nine of Swords: Anxiety, stress, but specifically the kind that is excessive. Like, possibly, the kind of stress you get when your kid’s class has a Covid outbreak, and everyone in your household has significant seasonal allergy symptoms. Tests for everyone! Over multiple days! (We’re good, thanks).

The Magician: you have everything you need. Good thing we stocked up on those tests.

Page of Swords: new ideas, curiosity, communication… also, the page is a young man, maybe a child. Coincidentally, today is the day my kid goes to speech therapy, and/plus/also apparently Mercury is in retrograde, which may or may not affect communication.

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