Weekly Goals

Now that I’ve revised all the chapters that are chapters… this week’s goals are going to have to be a little different. Currently the plan is to work through the next 3-5 Vella episodes and try to create two new chapters out of them.

This seems doable because I drafted 3-ish episodes a week, if I am remembering last summer and fall correctly. But this is also the start of the last three weeks of school, which means there are calendar events everyday for a while… so, I think as long as I get one solid chapter rewritten each week I should still be on track. (For what, I’m not sure 🤔)

Ideally, I should try and get as much done as I can while the kids are still in school, but we don’t live and ideal world, and all writing counts, even if it has to wait until the kids go to bed in the summer.

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