How Is It Thursday?

Seriously, where did Wednesday go?

As predicted, the crazy week has already gotten away from me. I did get some revision done on Monday and Tuesday…. but it was back in those early chapters that I’ve already revised. It felt great, I was in the flow, actually pumped the manuscript up to 65,000 words.

But, yeah. That ideal world, in which I was going to make the best use of the time I have while the kids are at school?

So, I decided I needed paper doilies for a project (don’t ask). Obviously, this required me to hit the Dollar Tree, Target, JoAnn Fabrics, the grocery store, and Party City. Then it was lunch time. And the dog the needed a walk. And the kids and I had a dentist appointment.

I could have saved it after dinner, but one of my critique partners dropped her new chapter, and, obviously I couldn’t work on my stuff until I knew how her MC was going to get out of the imminent danger she’d been left in after the last chapter.

Today I’ve been a little distracted by this:

Which was apparently not as backordered as the company website thought it was when I placed the order. It’s so pretty.

But, you know, it’s only 1pm. I could still get some work done.

Ugh. Why is Chapter Six so hard?

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