Progress Check

Crazy week, did all the things, went all the places, added (almost) 1000 words to the WIP.

So, in all honesty, I didn’t get as far as I wanted (when do I ever?), but I did figure out where Chapter 6 ends, and I did get some more re-revision done on Chapt 4 after getting some excellent feedback from my critique group.

I’m now getting into the parts of the manuscript that I probably have only read… maybe three times? And most of those were right around when the episodes were due to post on Vella.

So. Yeah. Definitely having some, “Wait, he did what?!” moments right next to “Where was I going with this?” sections, and the occasional “Wow. Wow. I do not remember putting that in there. That is so smart” epiphanies.

It’s like I left myself Easter eggs that probably made no sense at the time, but are now perfect, beautiful little bits of foreshadowing and world-building that connect to exactly where I want the book to go.

Does the book go there now? Most definitely not. One of my critique partners thinks all of my characters are slightly suspicious. You know why that is? That’s because I changed who the antagonist was three or four times while I was writing it. LOL.

But, you know, it is supposed to be a mystery, and red herrings are there for a reason. Or they will be. Eventually.

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