Weekly Goals

We’re in the mushy middle now. I spent a reasonable amount of time over the weekend revising the outline to fix the end. Mostly trying to get the WIP back to something like the original idea.

Now I have to figure out how we get there. So this week’s goal is more to understand and finalize motives and mechanisms than to get as much new writing done. There are some conflicts in my magic system that are creating plot holes that can’t be explained away.

I’d love to say this is the week I add the missing scenes and finish some world-building and character development, but the reality is that it will probably be more outlining and note-taking. I need to be able start laying in foreshadowing to scaffold the plot from the problems at the beginning to the conflict resolution at the end, but there are too many pieces that just don’t make sense right now.

But puzzles are fun, too, so here we go.

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