Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday

Yesterday’s Vibes of the Week spread (via @northernlightstarot)

The Vibe: Queen of Cups, the nurturing mother

The Opportunity: 2 of Wands, making progress

Beware: the Devil (is he in the details?) Watch out for those negative thoughts and bad habits… like the imposter syndrome that follows massive revisions of an outline

Take Action on: the 6 of Swords, which is the code name for my WIP, transitions, rites of passage, overcoming obstacles (like imposter syndrome?)

Enjoy: Justice, mmmkay.

Today’s spread was the Hanged Man, the Chariot, and Strength. All big things, major arcana… both external and internal strength, looking at things from a new perspective.

This is definitely something that I’m going to need if I want to accomplish this week’s goals.

Watch me now overcome self-doubt through the sheer force of my will, as I take focused action, and examine my plot and MC as an editor instead of a creator. I’m not going to change the novel’s POV, but I did write the backstory from a different POV, and may need to take some notes on the first chapter from other characters’ viewpoints.

The thing’s not done.

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