Progress Check

Yeah, so. Remember that thing about how I was going to give myself grace?

Got through another round of revisions on Chapt 1-3 and then crashed and burned.

I did listen to some podcasts about second drafts and revising in general, and I may just skip ahead and rewrite the end instead of going chronologically. Because the middle is a big ole mess, and I’m not ready to face it.

Kiddo had a great last week of school. Thursday was a half day, so obviously I spent the morning scrolling instead of fixing chapter 4.
After school we hit the neighborhood pool party and then made it to @corekidsacademy Ninja Zone just in time for a thunder storm.

Today we did some shopping @spiceandtea.richmond, @worldofmirth, and @bbgbbooks. Could not be happier to have these three shops all lined up in a row.

Then we did some old school mall walking and tried to find a boys’ dress shirt and tie… which was more elusive than anticipated. Thanks to guy at @macys who pulled the only button down in his size and found us the last blue tie!

This afternoon was filled with a friend’s pool party birthday party and a karate lesson.

Which is all a #boymom win, but a #writerlife fail. And that’s ok. Because balance.

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