Tarot Tuesday

This morning, I asked the cards how I could best prepare for my son’s first swim meet, and the Fool jumped out during the shuffle.

That definitely sums up how I’m feeling about this whole endeavor.

The Fool is a card of optimism, new beginnings, innocence, and beginner’s luck. All of which we could use tonight, especially since the Fool is also a bit naive, running off without awareness of the danger in front of him. Fingers crossed that the beginner’s luck part stays with us.

The Six of Swords fell out as well, which I’ve gotten used to, as it’s the card that I associate with my WIP, and I’ve been seeing it a lot as I work on my revisions. Today it came up reversed. This usually indicates resistance to change, or avoidance of a transition. The first swim meet is definitely a rite of passage, so this could be more about my nerves around the event, or it could be my continuing struggles with revising my writing. Maybe both.

I did get a few new pages written yesterday, so I’m hopeful that I’ve broken through some of the blocks I’ve had lately.

The last card I pulled today was the King of Wands. He’s a symbol of leadership, and the power to take on challenges, which is great. But, more importantly, he’s the card that starts the next paragraph in my draft. Check it out:

I feel like the cards are literally telling me to keep going. This card is exactly where I left off writing yesterday. (That’s an old paragraph. I had pulled the Kind of Wands when I was writing the outline and incorporated it into the first draft. This section of the text was first written almost a year ago. Yesterday I started writing a new chapter that goes between the previous paragraph and this one.)

Let’s go. We’ve got this.

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