Writing Playlists

I have a different, slightly more cheerful playlist for my WIP on Apple Music, but most of the time it’s a Dark and Stormy playlist from Spotify.

1) 100 songs described as “Beautifully dark, dramatic tracks” that runs for 6.75 hours, curated by Spotify

2) 31 songs (2hrs) collected by hoops2400. It’s a little Hozier-heavy, but definitely true to the dark and stormy mood.

3) Stormy Nights by Piper. 50 songs (3.75hrs). Lots of them were new to me, but the list also included classics like Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Hall&Oates, Billy Joel…

4) Stormy Weather, collected by Teresa Franco Valley, starting with the Etta James title track. 19 songs, about and hour and a half. Nice mix of genres and release dates.

5) and 6) are actual storm sounds for when I want to write some moody stuff, but the sun is shining. This Is Thunderstorms by Spotify and Storm Sounds by Jaida Wellman. I’m not going to need these today, as the predicted cloud cover has already started dumping all over us. We had some pretty impressive thunder last night, and some of it is still rolling through. Perfect for the first 4 lists. Now to pick a starting song.

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