Weekly Goals

I had an unexpectedly productive week last week… over 4000 words added since my last #wordcountupdate. I also filled in a gap in the story, and made chapter five flow better into chapter six (half of chapter six is now chapter 10…).

So, for this week I need to figure out how all the changes I made in the first half of the WIP are going to affect events in the second half.

The next chapter is going to start some more significant plot revisions. Up until now, revising has mostly been to clarify, improve flow, add character development, and generally just phrase things better. There were some structural changes, but the story basically stayed the same.

Now I have to start doing some problem solving to get things moving in a slightly different direction. It ends the same, but the route is different because some of the major milestones changed. There’s a new antagonist, the consequences of the inciting incident are different, some people’s motives have shifted.

It’s exciting, but I think progress may have to slow as I work it out. And that’s ok.

This is a holiday week, and there is a lot going on in real life, too.

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