Tarot Tuesday

This week continues to be insane, so I went ahead and pulled the six card spread.

Priority this week: 3 of Pentacles

Yes. Definitely. So much teamwork and shared goals. I have family visiting, and we’re alternating zone defense with one-on-one to keep the kids moving.

Mental state: 8 of Swords

Yes. Super frustrated and focusing on the problems, need to change my mindset. Overthinking, worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter. This is like my base mindset though. Maybe I need to start a gratitude journal 🙄

How to overcome obstacles: Knight of Swords

Sure cards, I’ll just overcome the obstacles by overcoming them. To stop overthinking, think fast! Take action! Like it’s that easy.

How to nourish my body: The Lovers


How to nourish my spirit: The Hierophant

Nourish my spirit by studying spiritual things with spiritual people. Let me get right on that. Le sigh.

Ok, but I do have two really cool baby witch books to read right now, so maybe I will be learning from some masters.

How to use this week to my advantage: 10 of wands

Let go of the things that no longer serve you! Yeah, but it’s a waxing moon, so isn’t that supposed to be something I should have done already?

But for real, I could do better about asking for help and maintaining a better balance of responsibility.

Overall, I feel like this spread gave a pretty on point reading for nutty week.

How’s your week going?

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