Weekly Progress

This week’s goalpost was pretty mobile, but I feel like I got there (mostly).

No new content, but I did go exploring in Scrivener, got the WIP uploaded and split into sections, and moved some things around. Now that it’s all in the app, it’s pretty easy to drag a section that doesn’t work into a “Cut scenes” folder where I can access it later if if I want to.

My word count is down a little because I had to make some cuts in light of the revision to the first half, but I was also able to pull some previously cut material out of that folder and make it fit back in a newer chapter. (Love how easy it is to check overall word counts and session word counts!)

The other fun thing I figured out how to do this week was to pull websites into my research folder so I don’t have to have 1,000 tabs open when I’m writing.

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