Weekly Goals

This week’s goals…
I think I had a mini breakthrough this morning while I was editing. One of those “ah ha!” things where suddenly all the stuff I wrote in the first draft actually does connect to the themes and threads that I’ve been pulling through the second draft. Like, “Oh! That’s why she did that! Now I get it!”

So this week, I’m going to go back in an expand on those meaningful moments so that other people can see how they connect.

I’m also really excited to get to the next couple of chapters and see what my critique partners think. It’s almost all action from here on out.

Long term goals:
I want to have this draft done by the time school starts (Aug 22).

Then I want to take a break from this one and quick draft the sequel by the end of November. Sure, this first one took almost three years, but I’m thinking I can knock out the sloppy copy in three months. I won NaNoWriMo once. It could happen.

Then I should be ready to query the first one by January. I’m imagining agents who are closed right now might set that as an arbitrary deadline to open again. Maybe? IDK. I’ll figure it out in December.

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