Book Mail

It’s @goscribbler day!

First off, how sweet are the ladies at Scribbler? After they found out that my snack bag popped en route (totally not their fault), they reached out to make sure I got a new one in my next box. Which means this box has TWO yummy snacks. And my kids are at camp today, so I might not have to share 😉

The posters are awesome, and once again, so timely. How did they know I was struggling with making some cuts this week? #killyourdarlings indeed.

I’m psyched to read the passport and Publishing Process Inside Look as I finish up revisions on this draft (knowing full well that there is probably at least one more draft to do).

The doorknob hanger is the cutest, and I think it really works with my office door, don’t you?

We can always use extra earbuds in this house, and my son has been asking for a book light (although this one may have to stay in the library because #toocute)

The contest and exclusive chat look as interesting as always.

It’s been a while since I read any high fantasy, but this one is gorgeous, and I can tell we’re in for adventure #thedruid #jeffwheeler

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