Tarot Tuesday

Yesterday got away from me, so I’m doing my weekly vibe check today instead. This is one of my favorite week spreads (from @awitchalone)

The lesson is the Queen of Pentacles. I feel like I never go a week without seeing this Mama, so at least this week she’s stepping out there with confidence. Still working on that sense of balance.

This week’s obstacle is the Five of Pentacles, another card that seems to turn up a lot. Usually, I interpret it as the lack mindset, and remind myself to #bepositive and have a #growthmindset… but realistically, pentacles are about money, and we’re all hurting a little in that area. Still. It’s an obstacle, not an emergency. We can handle it.

The card for opportunity is the Seven of Pentacles, which reminds me to keep putting in the work now, for rewards that will come in the long-term. #patienceandpersistence

Ironically, the Star is in the shadow position. But at least hope and faith are there, even if I may have to work to pull them out of the dark.

The Moon is in the position of something to look out for, which is also a little funny, since the Moon is all about illusion and the subconscious mind. You’d have to be actively looking for it.

So, watch out for fears and uncertainty, but know that hope is nearby.

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