Tarot Tuesday

Vibes of the Week: Four of Cups. Keywords are discouraged, apathy, taking things for granted. So, you know, fun. I’ll take it as a warning and try to be more of a glass half full girl.

Hidden Opportunity: The Emperor. Keywords are authority, structure, stability, discipline. Clearly what is needed here is some strong leadership.

Something to be Aware of: Two of Cups. Keywords are partnership, connection, attraction, respect. And in developing that leadership, I should remember that I don’t have to do it alone. Teamwork makes the dream work, and all that.

Something to Act on Now: Ten of Pentacles. Keywords are legacy, roots, family, long-term success. This is perfect timing, as we prepare to visit family that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Make Sure to Enjoy: The Sun. Keywords are positivity, success, optimism, confidence.

Ok, enjoy the sun? During one of the last weeks of summer? I think we can handle that.

The Jumper: Three of Swords. Keywords are disappointment, betrayal, grief. I may may toss this one out as having slippery fingers. It doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the reading, unless it somehow links to the Four of Cups. I’ll let you know.

This spread designed by @northernlightstarot

Today’s three card spread was the Wheel of Fortune, Death, and the Four of Wands. I also had the Ten of Swords as a jumper.

I had asked how to find joy in these last few days of summer.

The cards say everything has a season (turn, turn, turn). This season is ending, but there is reason to celebrate in the next. I’m particularly amused that I asked how to find joy, and I specifically pulled a card that had “joy” as a keyword.

Since I haven’t faced any major disasters recently, I’m interpreting the ten of swords as being a reinforcement of this whole “something is ending” idea. We’re moving from one stage to another. Summer is ending. I’m almost finished with the revisions on my second draft. My baby is about to start kindergarten.

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