Tarot Tuesday

I forgot to post my daily draw today because, well, because I forgot to pull a daily draw today.

Yesterday, in keeping with this week’s goals, I went into three Facebook groups that exist to match writers with beta readers. I’ve been lurking for a few months now, so I had an idea of which groups might work for me.

I posted a request for betas with my most recent blurb attempt and my working cover.

Then I went to Google forms and created an interest form for people to tell me their contact info, preferred doc format, and reading preferences (usual genre and reading level, etc). I also asked what it was about my blurb or cover that hooked them, and whether or not they’d be interested in a beta swap (cause I just finished the book I was reading, and could use some more to do).

In one group, the post had zero interaction, in the next there were several people who liked the post and three or so who commented that they were interested, in the last group, I got more interaction, but some of it devolved into a discussion about magical realism.

So today, my mailbox is blowing up with readers’ comments. Two of them are already halfway through. You guys. What is happening?!?

It is fascinating. Based on their form responses, almost none of them is interested in the book for the same reason. They all occasionally read similar genres, but some of them are more into high fantasy or romance. Most of them prefer adult, but some read YA.

And the comments (so far), are super constructive. They are noticing things that that I took for granted, confirming some concerns I had, and liking stuff that I wasn’t sure about.

I was getting pretty burned out on this draft a few weeks ago, and now I can’t wait to get back into it.


Before I got into this yesterday, I did pull the Vibes of the Week (@northernlightstarot)

In the first position, the Vibe is Strength. Yes. Yes, it is. Thanks.

The hidden opportunity is the 8 of Pentacles. More of that good skill development, keep doing what you’re doing, stay focused…

I should keep my eye on the 9 of Cups. Yes, I will take some of that contentment and wish fulfillment. This is me expressing my gratitude to the universe, to my family, to my critique partners, and my brand new beta readers!

I’m going to act on the 2 of Swords. Just as soon as I figure out which difficult decision this is referring to… maybe it was the choice to go ahead and ask for betas? And I already did it? I guess we’ll see as the week goes on.

Finally, as usual with this spread, it asks me to enjoy something that doesn’t seem positive. This time it’s the 7 of Swords. Deception, betrayal, scheming… IDK, maybe it’s me? Maybe it’s me defeating imposter syndrome? If I act like an author, and talk like author, and tell people I’m an author… maybe I can fool myself into believing it?


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