Progress Check

Y’all. I had a great week. I hope you did, too.

I did get the vacuuming done. I know you were concerned.

I caught up on all my reading for my critique partners, made a dent in my TBR, and read a bunch of feedback from beta readers.

So. Much. Feedback.

I’ve heard back from four readers, and in general: they liked it (yay!), they felt the ending needs work (yup), and most of them prefer the original first chapter to the new one.

I’ve been going through and making corrections to the little edits they found (I wasn’t expecting line edits on this round, but I also didn’t know I used the word “given” 25 times in the doc… so I’m glad they did it!), and then I flipped a few chapters around one more time.

I sent a copy with the old first chapter restored to a new beta reader to see how that plays. (Of course, I also somehow managed to send her a copy that had two identical chapter 2s, so hopefully that doesn’t skew the reading 🫤)

I think I have one more week of working on notes and changes for this one, and then I’m going to put it aside for a bit and get started on Book 2.

Happy Friday!

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