Scribbler Unboxing

BookMail !!!

Got my new @goscribbler box this week, and it’s full of fun stuff.

These pretzels look delicious.

This month’s writing contest is about secondary characters, as is the passport, which is super fun because my betas definitely have favorites, and I definitely have a few characters who need some development.

This month’s chat is Jenna Moreci, who is a bestselling author (and I’ve already looked up she socials and joined her newsletter)

The Inside Look is from an author who uses a pseudonym, which is a thing I’m considering.

Then we have this cute koozie for #creativejuices and this notebook covered in #starryskies and filled with inspirational quotes about the universe and our place in it (everyone from Neil Degrasse Tyson to Terry Pratchett). And there’s a really pretty Believe vinyl sticker. Love.

The book is from Amazon’s Montlake imprint, so I’m expecting romance. This looks more dramatic than some of the romances I read before, with maybe a little bit of mystery and danger. I love the variety in the books I’m getting!

Can’t wait to get started!

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