Weekly Goals

This week I’m going to check in with any beta readers that haven’t left comments yet, just to see if they’re still interested in reading. If they haven’t started yet, but are still interested, I may send out a more recent revision.

I’m going to keep going with implementing the notes I get from beta readers that are more line edit/copy editing notes.

Then I’m going to try and figure out how to fix the bigger problems: a) Cate needs to show more emotion (should have listened to @katkeenanbooks more…), and b) the ending feels rushed and incomplete (because… well… it was).

I am planning to step away from this draft after Friday, so I can work on planning book 2. If I don’t get everything sorted out in this draft, I’m still pretty happy with where I am, and maybe writing book 2 will answer some of the ending questions.

Also, (mini brag) someone commented on my Facebook post that they couldn’t tell that my cover was self-made, and that is possibly the best complement I could have asked for on my book cover design skills. Yay.

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