Tarot Tuesday

Today I asked the admittedly vague question: What needs my attention?

The Emperor is all about structure, rules, authority. This is an interesting one because yesterday I remembered that I built myself a lesson study over the summer, and that I was supposed to start in September. This card reminded me to look at the calendar and then go find that study plan because I couldn’t remember if I counted this week as September. Turns out I did. Yeah. So. Better get started.

The Seven of Pentacles keeps coming up for me, reminding me to focus on the long game, persevere and stay committed to my goals. I’m kind of between things this week, so I’m just going to try and use this to remind myself that all of my projects are connected, and the new one I’m starting is meant to make this whole ongoing Author Project stronger.

Then I pulled the Hermit. He’s reflecting, and solitary, and introspective… but he’s also got that lamp out in front of him, lighting the way, finding a new direction in the darkness.

Then, I dug out that lesson plan I made, finalized it, built a post about it for this blog (live tomorrow), and started the first week’s assignments.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty productive, and in line with my higher self.

ETA: I just noticed how similar the layouts are for all these cards- solo figure, facing left, holding tools… hmmm may need some further reflection. What do you think it means?

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