Progress Check

This has been a good transitional week. I took some more notes on my revisions, got some more feedback from beta readers, removed the files for readers that didn’t respond to my check-in, and started working on my new lesson plans for self-learning. I got a lot of reading done, which I posted about on my blog. I also got some new work done on my diy blog, which will hopefully get some traffic from the FB groups I posted in.

I have some ideas for fixing Cate, so I may continue working on it a little longer while I’m getting into planning the sequel. I’m also working on my query letter, just in case. Probably still too soon to send it out.

In general, I feel good about where I am. All of the betas liked the book, even with its current problems, so that was reassuring.

That said, I wish the whole process would go faster. I wish I were ready to publish. I wish someone would pay me to write. Patience is not my favorite virtue.

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