Progress Check

So, this week’s goals were: edit book 1, write a Vella ep, watch 2 more videos from Maggie Stiefvater’s writing class, reread the intro/first chapter of Dabbler’s Guide, keep reading Magic Burns, and probably take a look at some Vellas for pacing.

I have to admit, I didn’t edit book 1. Like, at all. I didn’t get any new feedback, I didn’t suddenly come up with solutions to the problems that I know are there. So, I didn’t even look at it. And that’s ok. I’ve been saying it’s time to put it aside for a bit and work on something else, and it is.

Here’s the evidence: I didn’t write one new Vella ep. I wrote 2.25 new eps, and I made notes (with some dialogue) on 6 of them. It was easy, and it was silly, and it was fun. Turns out it’s not actually a parody. Turns out I’m not that funny. But the tone is completely different from Cate, and I am hitting all kinds of goofy genre tags. I’m super excited about it, and I want to say I don’t even care what people think about it because it’s just so much silliness and fun to write… but we all know I care. I hope people enjoy it. I don’t know if I can keep up this writing pace for it… last time I tried to write a Vella I ran out of steam about five eps in. But for now, it’s rolling, and I’m just along for the ride. Planning to publish the first four episodes at the end of next week.

I did manage to get my Maggie notes done, and I reviewed Dabbler’s Guide (although I admit I didn’t fully reread the first two chapters, so much as I looked back at the stuff I underlined the first time… there’ll be another post about that later).

I read a little of Magic Burns, but my brain was really on the Vella this week, so I spent some time reading and unlocking other people’s stories (VellaFail! though – I was moving through a story pretty quickly, and I wanted to see how many tokens I needed for the next chapters, so I clicked through on a few of them and accidentally bought episode 5 instead 4. Ack. Super frustrating. Gonna have to go buy some tokens.)

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