Tarot Tuesday

I wanted to try a new weekly spread, so I asked the Google machine, and now I need to follow @mx.cassandra.snow 😁

Tons of Major Arcana this week 😬

To Know: Strength. I love this card. It’s so pretty. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel that full of determination and power?

To Do: The Hanged Man. Letting go, looking at things from a new perspective. Which. You guys. I’m very much procrastinating on the New Thing, even though I had so much fun getting it started last week… because it is such a different thing for me, and I want to be silly about it, but also, what if it sucks? See also: To Know.

To Release: The Hermit. I need friends, y’all. Seriously. I’m trying to put myself out there. I started applying for part-time/contract/free-lance stuff, but so far, no bites. Who’s got tips on finding my people?

To Contemplate: Two of Swords. Avoidance, difficult decisions. Ugh. I feel called out.

I don’t know what to do about it, but man, do I feel called out.

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