Progress Check

This week I managed to draft 6 episodes of my new Vella, watch two videos from #maggiestiefvater ‘s writing course, read a little further into #ilonaandrews #MagicBurns and watch a bunch seminars from the #authortechsummit.

I did not post my notes from #fearlesswriting yet, but the week (day?) isn’t over yet.

The other weird thing this week is that I’ve been looking at the insights on my Instagram posts, and cannot get my head around the algorithm. Posts that manage to go out when my followers are most active are not getting viewed, but posts that have no hashtags are… it doesn’t seem to matter if I post book pics with lots of commentary or almost no comments. There is a bit of a bump if I’m talking about published authors who have a large following themselves, but not always.

So, basically, I don’t know if anyone is going to see this, but if you do, and you like trope-y PNR that doesn’t take itself too seriously, I hope you’ll check out The Devil in the Details when it goes live on Monday! The first three episodes are always free, and I’m planning to complete this story in 25 episodes, so plan your token purchases accordingly.

There will be four episodes up next week, and you should for a new one every Monday.

Thanks for reading, liking, following and sharing!

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