New Story Update!

The Devil in the Details is going live on Monday!

It’s a four-part novella that plays with tropes and serves up some twists on paranormal romance.

Part 1: A workplace romance set in the urban equivalent of Bon Temps. Think Suits, but its Lucifer meets Charmed at Wolfram and Hart.

Part 2: A shifter love triangle. Weres are people too. Most of the time. Fated mates cause conflict in daily life a la Being Human, Vampire Diaries, Buffy

Part 3: A fairytale retelling mashup: Beauty and the Beast, The Frog Prince, and the Last Unicorn… but with cats.

Part 4: A grumpy/sunshine second chance romance. Remember that episode of Supernatural where Cordelia and Spike played married witches? Like that, but he’s a demon and she’s a white lighter.

Look for the link on Kindle Vella starting Monday, Sept. 19!

First three episodes FREE, new episodes every Monday.

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