Tarot Tuesday

Vibes of the Week!
(Spread via @northernlightstarot)

Vibes of the Week: The Hanged Man
Hopefully this is representative of the new perspective I’m getting from trying to write in a new genre. The Devil in the Details is live on Kindle Vella this week, and I am kind of using this project as a pause in writing my other series. I can already tell that this project is going to have a big effect on the way I tackle Book 2.

Where should I look for a hidden opportunity? The Four of Wands
Celebrate! Yay! I am pretty proud of myself. Also, this card might be indicative of the possibility for expanding my “family” since I am putting myself out there with the new project. As I celebrate publishing the new story, I’ll be on the lookout for community building opportunities.

What should I be aware of? Two of Cups

What should I act on right away? Seven of Cups
Opportunities, choices, make a decision. So, this points back at the four of wands and pushes me to be active in taking advantage of it.

What should I make sure to celebrate? Two of wands
I have to admit, the last few times I’ve done this spread I’ve gotten a more traditionally negative card in this position and had to work to look at the bright side. So, it’s nice to be told I should celebrate my progress and keep moving forward. This card also ties back to the decision making seven of cups, and that opportunity I’m supposed to look out for.

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