Weekly Goals

We’re defeating Covid in our house by the power of positive thinking.

That’s going about as well as you’d expect. LOL.

Anyway. Fun times.

This week’s goals:
✅Publish episode 6
✅Post about episode 6
☑️Write at least one new episode
☑️Do some prep work for NaNoWriMo
☑️ Keep working on the Read and Learn plan

Things I will NOT do this week:
-Try and catch up on stuff that didn’t get done last week because I was sick.

If I start playing catch up, I’ll never move forward. So, I’m going to try and maintain focus on the present, where I am, and what steps I can take to move forward. Some of those steps are things I wish I had been able to do last week, but wishing they were done doesn’t make it so.

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