Tarot Tuesday

Vibes of the Week (via @northernlightstarot)

Vibe: the Fool
Opportunity: 8 of Swords
Keep an eye on: Knight of Wands
Act on: King of Swords
Enjoy: 7 of Wands

Today’s three card spread:
6 of Swords, The Emperor, 7 of Wands

So, I pulled the vibes yesterday to get a read on the week ahead.

I asked the cards how to move forward towards health and general prosperity (and fed them some cinnamon to focus on healing).

When I pulled the Fool “At the Beginning” from Anastasia started playing in my head. “Starting out on a journey…” I thought we were at the end though. I don’t want to be at the beginning.

8 of swords is about restriction and imprisonment, which is definitely how quarantine feels. The opportunity is in finding a new perspective.

The Knight of wands says to keep an eye on that build up of energy that’s coming from being stuck in quarantine.

King of swords tells me to act on authority and truth.

And then the cards say to enjoy the upcoming challenge.

A few hours later, I got a call from the doctor (an authority figure) with test results (truth) that revealed that the sickest kid in my house doesn’t actually have Covid. Friendly reminder that Covid symptoms and other virus symptoms are very similar. Also, apparently you can live with three people who test positive and still not get it. The kid is a miracle.

It’s possible he didn’t get it because we quarantined him when he started showing symptoms.

So, here we are, back at the beginning. What a fun challenge. 🙄

Today’s cards gave me a different song: Let it go….

6 of swords represent transition and releasing baggage, hopefully moving forward.

The Emperor is another authority figure, and there’s that 7 of wands again. Facing challenges, perseverance, “Running up that hill” 🎶

I don’t know why the cards are giving me a playlist this week. Possibly it’s the cold medicine.

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