Progress Check

This week’s goals were purposely easy to achieve because I needed a win, y’all.

And…. I did it! Yay!

But seriously, all progress is good progress, even if it’s such small progress that it barely registers a change.

Here’s what I tried: Because Amazon is finally doing a marketing push for Vella with a week of free reads, I went ahead and published two episodes instead of one. I thought it would be a waste of all those free reads to not have stuff out there. I posted in a bunch of FB groups each day.

The thing is, I still suck at marketing, so while I got a bunch more reads than usual on the first day, it did not roll over to the next day. Putting out that second episode did not result in people running for their phones to read it.

That said, I must be doing something right because I am only two thumbs up short of surpassing the engagement I got when I posted CtC as a draft…

Cate the Curst (25 episodes): 136 reads, 76 thumbs up, 20 follows. Over 8 months.

The Devil in the Details (currently 7 episodes live): 82 reads, 74 thumbs up, 9 follows. In three weeks.

Other progress:
I finished writing episodes 10 and 11, which gets me to just about the end of act 2. I’m going to try and get something written for episode 12 today.

I did a little prep work for NaNo, scrapped all of it, did some new prep, and seriously considered scrapping all of that too.

I continued working on my Read and Learn plans… and did a bunch of academic stuff that was not originally on the plan. It turns out following through on the plan is not as fun as making the plan.

The plan is really more of guideline, anyway… It’s an outline, a possible route, an arrow pointing in the direction of my goals. Making the plan got me excited enough to start moving, but if I’m going to keep moving, I have to be willing to take the detours that get me around bumps in the road.

So, if my brain is not into reading text today, we’re going to listen to a podcast. If nonfiction isn’t holding my attention, there are three fiction books on my desk.

I have a really short attention span right now, but I have a near infinite number of things I could be doing to move forward. Pick one and go.

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